New Fuji Premium Satin Canvases"Ideal gift for friends and family"

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Excellent Quality Canvases – 2 day service

At Paisley Photoshop we offer the latest canvas concept on the market. We exclusively use high quality Fuji wooden bars, their patented designed system retains the tension of your canvas over the years. The high quality Epson inks we use will keep your image looking vibrant without fading.

With no surrounding frame style, a canvas wrap will hang well within any decor, canvas wraps make an ideal gift for friends and family.


Square Canvas Price Rectangular Price Panoramic Price
10"x10" £19.99 10"x12" £29.99 20" Long £49.99
12"x12" £34.99 12"x16" £39.99 24" Long £59.99
16"x16" £44.99 16"x20" £49.99 30" Long £69.99
20"x20" £54.99 16"x24" £59.99 34" Long £89.99
    20"x30" £69.99    

Larger sizes available from 34" up to 60" (turnaround approx. 7-10 working days)

We can make your canvas from any kind of digital media and also from any photo, negative or slide.